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FindMe systems


FindMe systems originated in work I did with Kristian Hammond when we were both at the Computer Science Department of the University of Chicago. (He's now at Northwestern University.) These systems use case-based reasoning as a way of recommending products in e-commerce catalogs and provide critique-based navigation as a primary user interface.
One interesting outcome of this work has been to emphasize the complexity of the common-sense notion of similarity demanded by a user of such catalogs as compared to the metrics used by many CBR systems.


The most famous FindMe system is the restaurant recommender Entree. Its restaurant database is circa 1996 so it isn't too useful as a practical tool anymore, but it still is an excellent demonstration of the idea.


The restaurant database underlying Entree and 3.5 years of user interaction data (~50,000 session) are available at the UC Irvine KDD archive.


There was a long period during which we were attempting to commercialize the FindMe idea. This period culminated in Verb, which ceased operation in June 2001.

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